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I am happily accepting requests for review of both previously released and ARC reads, regardless of length from short stories to full novels.


My preferred genres are Queer Romance, M/M Romance. Including the following subcategories:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Shifter (dragon, ware creatures, mermen, vampires, gargoyles, etc)
  • Paranormal
  • Jock / Sports (hockey, rodeo, gymnastics, “straight sports”, etc.)
  • Nerd / Geek
  • Law Enforcement / Military
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary

Some genres I really am NOT into are

  • Horror
  • Gore
  • “Straight” Romance, even if it fits into one of the categories above.


I read most all my books on a Kindle app. ebook formats in MOBI are preferred. Properly formatted PDF versions are also accepted.

I also accept audiobooks. Physical copies are books are also accepted, especially if it has an interesting cover that I could use for photographing.

Honest Opinion

I understand that writing is a labor of love that authors pour their heart, soul, sweat, and tears into. Please understand that I will give my honest opinion of the book, even if one is provided to me for free. I do not charge for my standard reviews (but you are always welcome to Buy me a Coffee). My review will include aspects of the book that I liked as well as items I did not like. If I do not care for the book entirely, I may choose to provide my feedback privately and not post it on my site or any other review sites. However, it may stay in my Did Not Complete shelf on Good Reads. Please understand that this site is based on my own opinion; however, I do believe there are many tastes in the world that vary from my own.

Review Sites

I will post a full review on my website, I will also include links to the publisher and author websites as well. If you have any additional cover art, graphics, or a social media kit, please feel free to send along. Depending on availability (for which I do not have complete control over), I may also do a guest post on other review sites for books that I really liked.

I will also post an abbreviated review on Good Reads and Amazon. I can also post to BookBub and B&N if requested. These abbreviated reviews will contain some verbiage to direct them back to my site for a full review.

I may also promote the review via some of my social media channels. We can discuss any additional “boosting” via social media channels if desired following the review.


Please understand that I am not a full-time book reviewer, editor, or blogger. I typically complete reading books within a couple of weeks, but this is not guaranteed (remember, father of 3 little ones). I will post a review within a few days of completion but before I start another read. If you have a specific timeline, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.


If you are interested in working with me on a review. Please email me at reviews (@) Please include a brief synopsis of the book, its length, and if the book was previously published or an advanced copy. However, please do not send along any electronic files until we connect.


Please feel free to connect with me for other opportunities including:

  • book tours /virtual tours
  • author interviews/publisher interviews
  • cover reveals
  • COFFEE related items/reviews
  • book giveaways/coffee giveaways
  • complementing merchandise
  • Any other ideas for working together!!