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Wolf at the Door by T.A. Moore-Blog Tour & Giveaway

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Wolf at the Door

By: TA Moore

A Wolf Winter Novel

Release Date: October 27th, 2020

The Storyline of Wolf at the Door

Cover Art


For Jack and Gregor, the exiled Wolf Princes of the Scottish pack, it’s someplace they never wanted to leave. For Danny, who fled as soon as he could, it’s someplace he never planned to return. As for Nick, pathologist and carrion bird, he has nowhere else to be.

It offers only one thing—the Old Man’s help in putting down the bloody-handed treachery from the prophets who dogged them all the way from Durham. The twins’ father is many things, not all of them kind, but not even the prophets would cross him.

But when they finally arrive home, they find the Old Man gone and the prophets’ puppet installed in his place. Outnumbered, bereaved, and haunted by old mistakes, the four of them must discover the prophet Rose’s plan before it’s too late. As the stakes rise and the cold settles into their bones, they find that the old fairy tales hide horrors under their pretty words.

In the Highlands, Fenrir has stirred, and he’s hungry.

The prophets have always said that a Wolf Winter is red as blood—but they never said whose.

Welcome (Back) to Book Gemz: T.A. Moore

Guest Post

First of all, thank you so much for having me! I’m thrilled to be here with the blog tour for Wolf at the Door, the final book in the Wolf Winter trilogy.

The final book. Wow. I am half-excited and half-maudlin about this. It’s a good book and a good ending. Or, at least, I think so. Hopefully, everyone else will agree. Still, endings. It’s always a bit scary to see them coming.

So, I thought for this final blog tour I’d go back to the beginning and the very first draft of Dog Days with some never before seen extracts.

Extract from the First Draft of: Dog Days by T.A. Moore

(Author’s note: This was the first time we met Danny as a person. If I was going to change one thing about him, it…OK. If Danny was going to make me change one thing about him, he’d have really appreciated 20/20 vision. I still like him and his glasses. One time I was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing (the wheel had fallen off) and then made me take my glasses off in case anything happened. It was very nerve-wracking since now I was making an emergency landing AND I was half-blind. The problems of an apocalypse when you need aids has always fascinated me. Glasses, prosthetics, medication – the maintenance of them in a bad situation adds that extra edge of anxiety.)

It was getting cool when the dog finally reached its old home, the sun fading already. Unlike some houses, it had been left more or less alone. It didn’t look like the sort of place that had anything worth grabbing. The dog scrambled up onto old shed, the tar-paper roof shredded from past visits, and from there to the lintel over the back door and, finally, hooked its paws over the ledge of the bedroom. The window lock was broken, swinging open easily with a hard nudge from the dog’s nose, and there was just enough room for it to scramble in. It shed skin as it went.

Danny squirmed all six-foot (if he stood up straight) of himself through the window. Luckily he’d no more meat on him than the dog, although he was more bone than muscle, and once he got his shoulders through the rest was inelegant but easy. He dropped awkwardly to the floor, cracking his elbow against the desk, and sprawled there for a minute…just listening. Other than the skitter-tap of disturbed mice in the floorboards, there was nothing. Either his flat was still empty, who whatever had taken up residence was deaf as a post.

He unfolded himself from the floor, scratching absently at his hip as he did so. It was his own fault. How many times had he heard the old saying? ‘Lie down with dogs, and get up with fleas’. Although he was pretty sure it had been the foxes this time actually. Giving his hip one last itch, Danny grabbed a spare pair of jeans and a sweater from where he’d stashed them under the bed.

On two legs, Danny Fennick had been told he still looked oddly like his four-legged self. He was tall and rangy, with light-brown hair that wasn’t sure whether to be curly or straight and settled on tangled as a compromise. His eyesight still wasn’t the best, either. He hunted through the desk for his old pair – wire-rimmed nerd-specs with scratched lenses from two prescriptions back. The world didn’t quite snap into focus when he hooked them over his ears, but the blurred edges did draw in a little.

‘Right then,’ Danny said, just to try out his voice. It sounded loud enough in the (hopefully) empty house that he winced. He modulated it down but kept talking. Over the last few months, he’d spent more time fur-out than in, and he liked to make sure all his neural pathways had been preserved in the shift. ‘Let’s find those drugs, will we?’

His room was clean. He glanced around and grimaced a quick smile. Books were stacked in corners, bristling with post-its, half-empty water bottles lined every surface, and a patina of dog hair – that had confused everyone since he was well known as a man who didn’t even like dogs – covered everything.  Figuratively speaking, his room was clean.

He never got sick – not even the cold, not even once – and the occasional beer had been the limits of his indulgence. Even if there wasn’t the risk of going fur-out while altered, he’d been an assistant professor of History at the university. Tenure track was iffy enough without getting wasted and being honest with people.

His tenant, on the other hand, had been a med student and card-carrying hypochondriac. When she’d packed her bags to make a run to try and find family in the South, her bags had been more pills than clothes. Even then, she’d had to leave bags of stuff behind.

Danny shoved his hair back behind his ears with both hands and let himself out of his room. It felt damp in the hall and some odd little part of him that still thought mortgages mattered, wondered if there was a leak. He started to knock Alison’s door, realized it was an empty courtesy, and just let himself in instead. It still felt slightly creepery.

When she’d lived here, Alison’s room had been a nest of bright colored drapes, dried bits and bobs glued to stuff, and that sort of annoying new agey music that had unexpected chimes in it. It all been stripped when she left or burned during the winter. There were pale squares on the walls where she’d tacked pictures and an envelope still blu-tacked to the mirror in case anyone had come looking for her while she was looking for them.

They hadn’t. If the North had been bitter during the winter, the South had been hammered. Floods and storms, tornados touching down in the middle of London. Danny still remembered the surreal, ‘this is a film right?’ moment when he’d seen footage of a red London bus spinning in a funnel of air outside Westminster. Meteorologists, before the BBC went off the air, had said the cold that froze the sea in great, knife-edged crests was what saved the North from ‘inventive’ weather. It was just too brutally cold for any sort of air pressure shenanigans.

He figured he’d probably never find out what happened to Alison.

There is a Give-Away…..Keep Going Down!!! #Giveaway

There is a Give-Away…..Keep Going Down!!! #Giveaway

Book Specifics

  • Book Title: Wolf at the Door
  • Author:  TA Moore
  • Release Date: October 27th, 2020
  • Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
  • Genre/s: MM Paranormal Romance
  • Length: approx 346 pages
  • Series: Wolf Winter

There is a Give-Away…..Keep Going Down!!! #Giveaway


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About the Author


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T.A. Moore is a Northern Irish writer of romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and contemporary romance novels. A childhood in a rural, seaside town fostered in her a suspicious nature, a love of mystery, and a streak of black humor a mile wide. As her grandmother always said, ‘she’d laugh at a bad thing that one’, mind you, that was the pot calling the kettle black. T.A. Moore studied History, Irish mythology, English at University, mostly because she has always loved a good story. She has worked as a journalist, a finance manager, and in the arts sectors before she finally gave in to a lifelong desire to write.

Coffee, Doc Marten boots, and good friends are the essential things in life. Spiders, mayo, and heels are to be avoided.

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

There is a Give-Away…..Keep Going Down!!! #Giveaway

Coffee Talk with T.A. Moore

As many of you know, I have a bit of a coffee addiction.   This has developed into a little bit of a sub-theme to my site (BookGemz).  I say it is being a father of three wonderful kiddos, BUT, it is more likely because I can never seem to set my book down to go to sleep once I am engrossed into it. 

However, I have a small tradition of reaching out to the authors to connect on their favorite caffeinated beverages and other little tidbits.   Ms. Moore was wonderful! Her response was “I’m happy to natter on about my coffee consumption   WARNING: She had me laughing through much of this interview!!

BOOK GEMZ: Are you a coffee, tea or energy drink person? 

T.A. Moore: I actually didn’t drink coffee until I was in my 20s and started work at an
Arts Council Funded charity over here. Funding deadlines, reports, grant
deadlines, and taxes gave me a whole new appreciation of the black gold! Plus my boss at the time used to own a coffee shop (it was burnt down in an arson attack, and then everyone who lost their business got together to curse the man who they knew ordered it. Very dramatic) and had a proper espresso machine. That helped.

Mind you, I once used it on my own in the office and drastically misjudged the amount of coffee to put in. Which is how I ended up drinking a travel mug sized espresso (I do not waste stuff!) and then going to a big, very important council meeting where I bounced madly in my seat and drank Fanta through a straw. (I asked for water or orange juice instead of more coffee, they brought a can of Fanta and a bendy straw.)

Anyhow, I will drink anything that is caffeinated, but most commonly have a sweet, milky coffee that will PROBABLY be cold and I’m still drinking it! (Well, I call it sweet and milky. The last time I made some for Rhys Ford she actually blanched. I apparently made a coffee that would have beaten up a Turkish coffee).

BOOK GEMZ: Oh, I can not wait to ask Rhys Ford about this in a couple of weeks when I connect with her!!

BOOK GEMZ: What is your favorite?

T.A. Moore: Tea for mornings, coffee for when I have a deadline. Diet Coke if I am sullen or stressed about something I can’t do anything about.

BOOK GEMZ: Do you have a “go-to” drink and/or maybe a “splurge” drink?

T.A. Moore: Starbucks Cold Brew vanilla latte with sweet foam and an UNSEEMLY number of vanilla shots. With only a seemly number of shots, it is bitter and sorrowful. You need to find the moment you think ‘that’s too much syrup’
and then power through that doubt, because it is not.

BOOK GEMZ: Do you have a favorite coffee-house/tea room?

T.A. Moore: So many! Mostly places where I had coffee and hung out with friends, though. Um, my favorite ‘I have found a place’ tea house is in Bath though. It’s this amazing, little hole-in-the-wall spot that is actually on the side of a bridge. There’s only, like, four tables but you can get one by the windows and sit to eat your scone and tea (well, I actually had a milkshake, since I’m gluten-free and there were no buns) while you look over the river. Sometimes there were boats! We also saw a gull drown a pigeon. Life’s rich tapestry.

BOOK GEMZ: Do you have any advice or other tidbits?

T.A. Moore: If you want a Hot Chocolate instead of a coffee? Caffe Nero is the best franchise shop to go to. If you want the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE in the world, however? Then you have to go to a small coffee shop in Sunderland…Holmeside Coffee. I ordered a Crunchie Hot Chocolate there once and expected them to sprinkle a few bits of honeycomb on top. Instead, they melted a WHOLE CRUNCHIE BAR into the drink and served it to me. It was delicious and, since I was there late for work, I was bouncing off the walls when I caught the last train back to Newcastle.


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  • This post contains affiliate links.  They are no cost to you but help to keep my little site afloat.  Check out my disclosure.

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