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The Omega’s Missing Mate by Penelope Peters

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The Omega’s Missing Mate

By Penelope Peters

Release Date: August 25, 2020

First Date to One Night StandKidnapping to Making the Relationship Work?

The Storyline: The Omega’s Missing Mate

the Omega's Missing Mate Cover Art
Cover Art

Eric Calhoun was looking for a date.

Eric Calhoun defies all omega stereotypes – most of the time. He’s adventurous, determined, independent… and desperate for a date that will actually go somewhere. When he meets Rashad Abboud, he immediately falls for Rashad’s good looks and sweet, considerate behavior. It’s obvious that Rashad likes Eric just as much – at least if their short and probably ill-advised liaison in the back alley is any indication.

But fast forward one month – and Rashad’s not only ghosted Eric, but he’s left him a souvenir. Newly pregnant and determined to the right thing, Eric gives Rashad one more chance – only to discover that Rashad hasn’t just stopped returning his texts. He’s disappeared.

And after Eric asks the right questions in the wrong places – he’s about to disappear, too.

Rashad Abboud was looking for answers.

Rashad Abboud isn’t the macho, unattached alpha he might seem. And he definitely didn’t mean to ghost Eric. He only wanted to follow the latest lead on his missing mother, who fled the country after her husband’s death when Rashad was just a toddler. Rashad’s questions clearly have caught someone’s attention, though: one minute he’s walking down a D.C. street, and the next he’s waking up on the other side of the world.

Maybe for some people, finding his family would be a dream come true: but for Rashad, the combination of family politics and leaving Eric behind is a personal nightmare! And just when he’s convinced the only way out is to accept it – he finds the surprise of a lifetime waiting for him in the next bedroom over…

Neither of them were looking for an international adventure.

Eric never wanted an adventure quite this big – and Rashad never wanted to find family this cloying. There’s no reason in the world why they should trust each other – but it might just be the only way they’ll ever make it home.

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Book Specifics

  • Book Title: The Omega’s Missing Mate
  • Author:  Penelope Peters
  • Release Date: August 25, 2020
  • Cover by: S.A. Brown
  • Genre/s: MM Omegaverse romance
  • Trope/s: mpreg, omega, MM, kidnapping, escape, royalty
  • Themes: working through differences, sticking together, new beginnings.
  • Heat Rating:  4 flames
  • Length: approx 245 pages, 75,000 words
  • Stand Alone Book
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What I Liked

Well, The Omega’s Missing Mate has lots of elements that played well together! There was a romance, a one night stand, a pregnancy, a mystery, an adult nightclub, a kidnapping, an over-protective family (…well two of them really), an escape, royal intervention…..and so much more that I am trying to not to give away too many spoilers.

Despite all of these elements, it was an easy book to follow. Meaning, it is not one of those books that causes what I call “brain drain” trying to keep everything straight as you read it. The mystery storyline of the book did add a good element.   

One of the items I liked was how the romance did take time to develop. Despite a fated mates situation and a first date that turned into a passionate semi-public sex situation, the author took the time to develop the relationship.

THIS IS A HAPPILY EVER AFTER BOOK….well unless there is another visit/kidnapping… perhaps a sequel??

What I did not Care for

OK, this is totally knit-picky. Eric has red hair in the book. There are even some comments made by “the family”. Now, look at the cover again. The guy holding the baby is NOT a red-haired guy!

Overall, that did not take away from the story AT ALL, but I did ask Penelope about it. She tells me (and is not the first author to tell me this): Finding a cute cover model is difficult. Now add in red hair and holding baby…it was next to impossible.

Again, DID NOT take away from a great book!!!! (Hey, I warned you it is knit picky)

My Recommendation

Good read! No doubt about it. This was my first omegaverse book as well as my first book with Penelope Peters. I like how she pitched it to me: Kind of like a shifter book, just without the shifting. It intrigued me. Well, she did not disappoint, and looking forward to more from Penelope. This is a great book to curl up on the couch with… some intrigued, some suspense, some sappiness, and yes, hot sex.


The coffee shop that Eric and Rashad had their first date in…IS REAL! Well, it was modeled after one that is real. Check out COFFEE TALK below (don’t worry I emphasized it in red so you will not miss it!)


Go get her other books on Amazon….she puts them out there for free from time to time. In fact, as of the time of this review, she has The Country Omega out there for free!  

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About the Author: Penelope Peters

Penelope Peters.  Author of books like The Omega's Missing Mate

Penelope Peters has spent a considerable percentage of her life waiting in international terminals around the world; she may or may not have ranked her favorites. She’s never flown on a private plane, but she did get bumped into business class once. It was awesome. Having driven in two Middle Eastern countries, she assures you that Dupont Circle in DC is cake. She has, to the best of her knowledge, never been involved in a high-speed car chase involving a moped.

Penelope is greatly indebted to HL for her expertise and patience in being a sensitivity reader for this book and the Muslim characters within. Any remaining mistakes or misconceptions are Penelope’s. Penelope no longer lives in the Middle East. As much as she misses the taste of shawarma, the scent of oud, and the hauntingly beautiful call to prayer, she has greatly enjoyed experiencing cold weather again. Her husband and sons also enjoyed the colder weather, or at least the sports that came with it. The cat has other opinions.

Penelope’s Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |   Facebook Page

Twitter |   BookBub

Coffee Talk with Penelope

As many of you know, I have a bit of a coffee addiction.   This has developed into a little bit of a sub-theme to my site (BookGemz).  I say it is being a father of three wonderful kiddos, BUT, it is more likely because I can never seem to set my book down to go to sleep once I am engrossed into it. 

However, I have a small tradition of reaching out to the authors to connect on their favorite caffeinated beverages and other little tidbits.   Penelope was gracious in responding to my inquiry!!  

BOOK GEMZ: Are you a coffee, tea or energy drink person? 

Tea Drinker: Penelope Peters.  Author of Omega's Missing Mate

Penelope: I drink coffee and tea more or less equally. It depends on why I’m drinking it and what time it is. (If I drink caffeinated coffee after 3pm, I won’t get to sleep until midnight – but tea doesn’t bother me at all.)

BOOK GEMZ: What is your favorite?

Penelope: There’s a delicious loose-leaf tea from the Spice & Tea Exchange called Earl Grey Crème that I love. (They also have a great Pear Caramel tea, and a holiday chocolate-mint tea that really tastes chocolatey!) I’m currently working through a batch of Always 1895 tea from Adagio Teas. Black, with one sugar.

For coffee, it’s more about how it’s prepared than brand or sourcing. At least two sugars, and plenty of milk – though as I’m trying to be more mindful about calorie counts, I’m attempting to cut these both back!  

BOOK GEMZ: Do you have a “go-to” drink and/or maybe a “splurge” drink?

Tea is my usual go-to drink, especially when I’m at home. It’s easy, it’s warming, and it’s fast… unless I forget and leave it steep for an hour.

My splurge drink would be a caramel macchiato. Splurging on all counts: calories, caffeine, and cash!  

BOOK GEMZ: Do you have a favorite coffee-house/tea room?

Penelope: My family is constantly moving because of my husband’s job, so I have favorite coffee houses all over the world! When I’m visiting my parents in Arizona, I like going to the café in the local library, where they have the world’s most delicious horchata (and it’s cheap, too, only a dollar!).

When we lived in Cairo, Egypt, my favorite place was the Beano’s on Road 10 in Maadi – their blackberry hibiscus smoothie is delicious! The restaurant on the compound where we lived in Jeddah had a fantastic iced coffee (but the complimentary cardamom coffee you’d get at school functions was amazing, too). The apple tea in Istanbul is standard for any trip to the bazaar (and one of my favorite things about shopping there).

Here in Poland, my favorite coffee shop didn’t fully reopen after the pandemic lockdown – I can still get some great nibbles there, but it’s not open for dining in anymore. So my current go-to is Costa Coffee (a British chain that I prefer over Starbucks).

But more importantly for Omega’s Missing Mate – Rashad and Eric have their first (and only) date at a coffee shop. I based that coffee shop on Aroma’s in Williamsburg, VA – even though Rashad and Eric both live in Washington DC, about three hours to the north! (It’s also the coffee shop I imagined when writing The Omega Nanny!) What can I say? It’s that good!


Sorry, it is part of review sites required by the FCC and others:

  • I DID receive a copy of this book from the author or publisher in exchange for an HONEST review.
  • All these opinions are mine and I received NO compensation for this review.
  • This post contains affiliate links.  They are no cost to you but help to keep my little site afloat.  Check out my disclosure.
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