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The Dragon Hunter’s Son – Book Review

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The Dragon Hunter’s Son

By Hanna Dare
Read:  June 2020

The Dragon Hunter’s Son is an interesting tale that weaves an enemy to lovers romance along with magic set in a medieval world.   Based on the title, I am sure you have pieced together, it is a gay romance between a dragon and a dragon hunter’s son.   There are multiple villains (including the father), helpful town folk, moody horses, and of course a cat.  Don’t all stories need a cat?  Sworn enemies for decades are brought together by unusual circumstances.  A dragon egg that “calls” to the son.  It incorporates revenge, a planned heist, a double-cross, an unrequited love interest, and of course dragon treasure.  Once the action starts, this masterful gay romance moves forward at a quick pace and will keep those pages turning.    Thank you, Hanna Dare.

 The Story Line

The Dragon Hunter's Son - Gay Romance
Cover Art

Jaxon is a famed dragon hunter who travels the kingdom with his son, Phillip, looking to chase some old glories.  But with dragons seemingly to be only in stories and legends now, it has led to a life of drinking and scheming to get by.  Phillip is there out of a sense of duty towards his mother who was lost tragically in a fire while a young boy.  He is there to carry the bags, take care of the horse, and generally clean up his father’s messes.  Phillip also carries a secret that he is gay.  He longs for the day when he can be out and live openly in a nearby kingdom.  Until then, he gets by sneaking away from his father and finding of gay action someplace it the shadows.

Their travels take them to a town in a sheltered valley where Jaxon had some old glory.  He attempts to blackmail the local town lord, to gain access to something precious that he can sell.  Through some magical calling, Phillip finds this precious treasure and sets into motion the whole storyline.  Suddenly a stranger enters the scene at the local inn, Phillip takes an interest in him hoping for a connection.   That connection he hopes will become a romance, but there is something different about him….

Watch for the magic weaved into the story as well as power-grabbing plots, a planned heist, a double-cross, attacks, rescues, and of course a blossoming gay romance.

What Did I love

I enjoyed the storyline as well as the “will they or won’t they” romantic play.  The backstory of all the sneaking around Phillip does hiding his affection for men from his father as well as a non-approving society plays well into the book.  As does the inexperience of Ejoler to the sensations of a human form during romantic times.    The love story did seem to develop fully through the book, it was not a typical, love at first sight that you see in many gay romance novels, which gave it a depth that others seem to lack. 

“Would you like to have me against your treasure? On top of your Gold?”

“Yes” Ejoler hissed immediately

The Dragon Hunter’s Son
by Hanna Dare

What did I not care for

It was a very slow start to the book.  To be perfectly honest, it almost when into my Did Not Finish pile.   It was about a quarter way through the book before you mean the main love interest character. The start of the book did build some back story, but it felt like it dragged on a little too long.  There was a whole section that talked about a cat in the background named Dutchess, no exaggeration. BUT Once it started, hold on tight, it is a book that was hard to put down.

The book does have an HFN ending, thanks to the epilogue.  I am hoping a second book does come out, because I did have a lingering question that bothers me in this.  A human with a much shorter lifespan than that of a dragon.  How are they going to work around the aging challenge?


Why I recommend the book

It is a great story by a masterful storyteller.  It packed in a few different sex scenes without it being too overboard, just enough to keep with the progression of the relationship.  If you like dragons, as I have since I was a child, not to mention gay romance stories, this is the book for you!

About the Author: Hanna Dare

Hanna is a professional writer-for-hire but has taken to writing books she loves now.  These books include character-driven stories exploring their identities.  She has over 20 books spanning a few different series including the Mind + Machine series, Sing Out series, and Chasing Cameron series.    Hopefully, she will be adding soon to The Dragon Hunter’s Son to make it a series as well! 

Coffee Talk with Hanna Dare

A person after my own heart, according to her website, she has an affinity to caffeinated beverages.  So I reached out to her directly for inquiring minds. “My heart belongs to Coca-cola”, according to Hanna. Thou she did say with how hot it has been “lately its all ice tea for me”.

Hanna also shared that book two of this series is slated to be done by the end of the summer with a release in the fall/early winter. Stay Tuned!

Check out her website:

HEADS UP:   Also, on her website is a free short story meant to continue the adventure.  Check it out:  The Egg, and Other Inconveniences.

Her Facebook Page: Hanna Dare author

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