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Spell of the Werewolf by J.R. Loveless – Tour & Review

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Spell of the Werewolf

By J.R. Loveless

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Moonrise will never be the same.

The Storyline: Spell of the Werewolf, action-packed gay romance

Spell of The Werewolf, J.R. Loveless, Gay Romance
Cover Art

A werewolf with a death wish bargains with a hunter for salvation.

Justin has spent several lifetimes atoning for the violent nature of his curse. A mindless angry beast several nights a month, he carries a burden of blood for past sins. Tired and lonely, he’s seeking an end to his torment.

Vincent bears the curse, though only by half. A hybrid, he hunts those of his brethren who let their monsters take over. And he’s hell-bent on destroying them all until he’s forced to deal with one who’s begging for peace. Except deliverance wears many guises.

Their desire for redemption erupts in a fiery passion drawing them closer together.

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What I Liked

This was an interesting and fast-moving book that combined revenge, enemy to lovers, and unrequited love into a gay romance novel.  The romance built through the story and was not one of those love at first sight storylines, in fact, just the opposite…starts in a hunting situation.  Thou with that said, there was something that made them both notice each other. 

As with any relationship, not only in gay romantic ones, there is baggage. Baggage might be an understatment…there are real internal struggles with both Justin and Vincent. The story does have not one, but TWO unrequited love interests.  While some might say that would be too much drama, it worked very well in this book.  These situations added the perfect amount of tension that in some cases pushed Vincent and Justin forward. 

Ms. Loveless built a world that I could see in my mind as I read the book.  While it is set in the Toyko region which I have never been to, there were no issues envisioning some of the areas based on Ms. Loveless’ masterful descriptions:  Vincent’s apartment, the rooftop, the cage, the alleyway, the secret passage…

What I did not Care for

While you do have to suspend belief a bit when you are reading books that contain magical creatures such as werewolves, I did struggle with the idea of the “30-year-old virgin” struggle that was included, albeit, it was not 30 years in this book!  Now, in all fairness, Ms. Loveless did offer some brief explanation for this, and it was a meniscal piece of the book.  Frankly, if this is the only thing the poked me wrong in a book…. then it is a great book.  Oh, yeah…it is a great book!

My Recommendation

The premise of the book is known immediately, a werewolf and a werewolf hunter that will come together in a (hot) gay romance story.  Despite this, Ms. Loveless did break some underwritten rules of gay romance books.  It kept my interest and I was engaged.  Don’t worry, despite being an enemy to lovers story, there was plenty of sexual desire built up to keep it going.         

Spell of the Werewolf also has a number of minor “loose ends” that will make great continuations for the series.  I am working hard to avoid spoilers in the review…but just a few: the scrolls, the hunter’s legion, the magic undertone, the swords, among others. 


Let’s talk about the book cover a moment. I found myself staring at it a couple of times in-despicably. While Justin is pretty hot on the cover, I found the whole thing mesmerizing. I feel it added to the hotness factor.

Here is a bit of good news (possibly an exclusive):  BookGemz has been in contact with Ms. J.R. Loveless…she is already working up the storyline for the next book.  Albeit, it is not set I stone yet, but as she told me “Already began plotting it out, so it will most likely make its way to the light!”

Quote from Spell of the Werewolf a Gay MM Romance by J.R. Loveless

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About the Author: J.R. Loveless

J.R. Loveless, Gay Romance Author

J.R. Loveless began her adventure in writing romance at the young age of twelve. Her foray into creating her own worlds and telling her characters’ life stories was triggered by her own love of reading. She currently resides in South Florida with her dog and two cats, volunteers for an animal rescue in her spare time, and works as a manager for a financial lending institute. Someday she hopes to begin writing as a full-time career and bringing more of her ideas to life.

Her journey into gay romance began in 2005 when she began posting her original fiction on a forum for feedback and readers’ pleasure. In 2010, a good friend urged her to submit to a publishing company, and the day she received the acceptance and contract was the best day of her life. Since then, she has been noted to be one of the most purchased audio books after Fifty Shades of Grey on Audiobook.com, received best gay romantic fiction for Touch Me Gently in the 2011 TLA Gaybies, and even received an award for Chasing Seth in 2012.

J.R. adores her fans and loves hearing from them.

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Coffee Talk with J.R. Loveless

I have a bit of a coffee addiction!   This has developed into a little bit of a sub-theme to my site (BookGemz).  I say it is being a father of three wonderful kiddos, BUT, it is more likely because I can never seem to set my book down to go to sleep once I am engrossed into it. 

JR Loveless - author, does not prefer coffee.

Remember when I said above that J.R. Loveless likes hearing from her fans. I can attest to this! Keeping with my tradition of reaching out to the authors to connect on their favorite caffeinated beverages and other little tidbits, Ms. Loveless was awesome enough to connect back with me.   “I actually am not a coffee drinker. I know, blasphemy, right?” That is ok we will not hold that against her! She does prefer tea: sweet tea or green tea, hot or cold.

Gay romance Author likes McDonald's Caramel Frappe

So here is the funny thing….when asked if she had a “splurge drink”, her response: Caramel Frappe from McDonald’s. COFFEE! Well, ok sort of, according to Ms. Loveless “definitely does not taste like coffee”. Admittedly, I have never had one of these, but will be stopping by this weekend to sample one. Thanks Ms. Loveless. Also, it gives me a reason to get the kiddos a happy meal.  

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Spell of the Werewolf a gay romance by J.R. Loveless


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