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Kraken My Heart-Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway

Kraken My Heart

By K.L. Heirs

Book 2 of the Sucker for Love Mysteries series

It’s just Ted’s luck that he meets the love of his life while covered in the blood of a murder victim.

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The Storyline: Kraken My Heart, an interesting new gay romance novel.

Cover Art

Funeral worker Ted Sturm has a foul mouth, a big heart, and a knack for communicating with the dead. Unfortunately, the dead don’t make very good friends, and Ted’s only living pal, his roommate, just rescued a strange cat who’s determined to make his life even more miserable. This cat is more than he seems, and soon Ted finds himself in an alternate dimension… and on top of a dead body.

When Ted is accused of murder, his only ally in a strange world full of powerful magical beings calling for his head is King Grell, a sarcastic, randy, catlike immortal with impressive abilities… and anatomy. The two soon find themselves at the center of a cosmic conspiracy and surrounded by dangerous enemies. But with Ted’s special skills and Grell’s magic, they have a chance to get to the bottom of the mystery and save Ted. There’s just one problem: Ted’s got to resist Grell’s aggressive advances… and he isn’t sure he wants to.

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Book Specifics

  • Book Title: Kraken My Heart
  • Author:  K.L. Heirs
  • Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
  • Cover Artist: Tiferent Design
  • Genre/s: MM paranormal romance, Mystery
  • Trope/s: Closed Circle Mystery, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Hemipenes Loving, Finding Love After Heartbreak
  • Themes: Love Conquers All
  • Heat Rating:  5 flames
  • Length: 60 000 words/191 pages
  • It is the second book in the series but could be read as a standalone

My Recommendation

Kraken My Heart was my second book by Ms. Heirs. Well, I was not disappointed, to say the least!

I thought Acquidentally in Love was a very interesting tale that K.L. Hiers spins. Well, she outdid herself with this one. While this could easily be read as a standalone novel, there were little pieces of the first book that she pulled in. There is some incredible world-building in this book, imagining a whole world between Earth and the afterlife. Ms. Hiers spun this new world without it overpowering the whole story (or boring you to tears with descriptions).

This is a Happy for Now ending. The author purposefully left a few open threads that I am sure she will pick up in the next novel. The last chapter is where there was a little more mention of the first book, more of reminders of things. Again, you will still enjoy this book without the first one…but the first one was great too (so go read that one too). I liked my other review below if you want to go check it out.

In the end, Kraken My Heart is on my RECOMMEND list!  I am looking forward to the next book in the series…..hopefully not too far down the road.

Excerpt from Kraken My Heart

Carefully, like Ted was navigating through a minefield, he tried to sneak back to his room. Despite his diligent and precise pace, his foot collided with a very large ball of fur just as he walked around the edge of the couch.

Mr. Twigs yowled in protest and promptly bit Ted’s ankle.

“You stupid cat!” Ted growled in pain, his leg jerking and sending the cat stumbling into the wall. His heart dropped in instant regret, and he hurried to turn on a lamp. “Shit! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, little dude! Are you okay?”

Mr. Twigs was glaring at Ted over his sunglasses and growled loudly. A portal suddenly opened up in the living room floor with flashing bright lights and whipping winds.

Ted froze, staring stupidly at the giant black void in the apartment floor. Being able to create a portal was a very rare skill, and he’d never seen one in person before. “What the…?”

As if the swirling hole wasn’t crazy enough, Mr. Twigs transformed into a very tall, very skinny, and very naked young man. He flashed a smile full of pointed teeth, hissing, “Oh, that’s the last time you kick me, asshole.”

“I didn’t kick you!” Ted argued indignantly. “It was a fucking accidennnnnttt!” he screamed as Mr. Twigs pushed him and sent him toppling headfirst into the portal.

It was like… going down a water slide filled with pudding.

Ted didn’t feel air around him, not exactly, but it was something thick and suffocating. The light all around him was so bright that he couldn’t see, and he thought he had to be dying.

His stomach dropped as if he was falling, but he couldn’t see anything to track his descent. He grunted when he smacked into something solid and wet, the wind knocked right out of his lungs. He wheezed, trying to draw in oxygen and staring up at a high vaulted ceiling.

Ted watched the portal close above him, and he weakly lifted his head to see where he was. He was lying in a puddle of something sticky, and the room was reminiscent of an old castle throne room.

Big ceilings, lots of stained glass, fancy throne….

He was also completely surrounded by monsters.

Giant scaled things with tentacles, humanoids with spiraling horns jutting out of their foreheads, twisted feline creatures with sharp teeth, and fishlike worms were all around him.

Ted scrambled to stand up, but he slipped in the sticky mess beneath him. He could feel the goo all over his back and hands, sliding around as he struggled to get out of it. He bumped into something cold and whirled around to find a dead body.

It was one of the feline creatures, its eyes lifeless and milky, soaking in a puddle of….

Oh God.

It was blood.

“Pardon me, coming through!” a deep voice growled, echoing throughout the massive chamber. “Stand aside! This is official royal business, so move your ass!”

Ted was nauseated, staring up at a human figure pushing his way through the crowd of monsters.

He was short but broad, thick in stature, and sporting a nasty smile full of pointed teeth. Otherwise, he looked quite normal. His hair was jet black, cut close to his scalp, with a well-groomed beard streaked with silver, and his eyes were a spectacular shade of gold, looking over Ted like he was a tasty piece of meat.

He wore a three-piece suit, but it was a much flashier ensemble than Ted would have worn for his job at the funeral home. The jacket and pants were black, but the tie was an obnoxiously bright purple, and he could see a glittering watch chain hanging from the man’s matching purple brocade vest.


“Well, aren’t you just a pretty little thing?” the man greeted. “What’s your name, darling?”

“I’m, I’m…,” Ted stammered, looking around frantically as the monsters backed away. Whoever this man was, he was definitely in charge. There was something about the way he was looking at Ted that made him blush and his heart beat a little faster.

“I’m Ted…. My name is Ted,” he managed to choke out. He wondered if he was dead or if this was some sort of nightmare. His mind was having trouble processing that any of this was real. “Where am I? What is this?”

“Welcome to Xenon, darling,” the man replied. “I’m Thiazi Grell. I was voted most likely to get detained for illegal activities by my primary class, very avid Tetris player, and reigning Miss Pretty Petunia Pageant champion for the last two hundred years. Oh, and King of Xenon. Obviously.”

“Huh?” Ted squeaked.

“Would you like something to drink?” Grell offered. “Something strong. Help you calm down, put some more hair on that luscious chest, come to terms with the murder charges….”

“With the what?”

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About the Author: K.L. Heirs

K.L. “Kat” Hiers is an embalmer, restorative artist, and queer writer. Licensed in both funeral directing and funeral service, she’s been working in the death industry for nearly a decade. Her first love was always telling stories, and she has been writing for over twenty years, penning her very first book at just eight years old. Publishers generally do not accept manuscripts in Hello Kitty notebooks, however, but she never gave up.

Following the success of her first novel, Cold Hard Cash, she now enjoys writing professionally, focusing on spinning tales of sultry passion, exotic worlds, and emotional journeys. She loves attending horror movie conventions and indulging in cosplay of her favorite characters. She lives in Zebulon, NC, with her husband and their six children, three of whom have paws and and a few that only pretend to because they think it’s cute.

“Kat”‘s Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |   Facebook  |  Instagram

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Kraken My Heart-Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway

Ted is accused of murder, his only ally in a strange world full of powerful magical beings is King Grell, a sarcastic, randy, catlike immortal with impressive abilities… and anatomy. They have to get to the bottom of the mystery and save Ted.


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Coffee Talk with K.L. Heirs

My little blog has a coffee sub-theme to it.  Personally, I blame it on being a father of 3 young kiddos that I have adopted, BUT it is really because I have a hard time putting down a good book to go to sleep.  Given this, I have a tradition to reach out to all the authors I review to get and share some insight on their caffeinated beverage choices…Kat was awesome to respond!

“Energy drinks and soda are my favorites for caffeine crazes. I’ve never been much on coffee unless it’s in ice cream form, but I do love a cold glass of sweet tea. When I’m really dragging or need some extra oomph though, I’m freakin’ downing Mountain Dew and Monsters. There is a Monster coffee flavor called “Mean Bean” that I swear is just like drinking liquid velvet. It’s vanilla and rich and smooth and agh, that’s probably my splurge drink because it’s very sweet, and I can’t drink but so much at a time. One day when I’m accepting my Oscar for writing the Acsquidentally In Love script, I will be sure to thank Monster energy drinks for getting me through all the weeks of sleepless editing!”

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