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Welcome to Book Gemz.com. Glad you found me!!

Book reviews are not my “day job”. By day, I am an accountant, working a 9 to 5 job (does anyone else hear Dolly Parton playing in the back of their head?). However, if you ask my family, they might say I work more. I am a father of three and married to the same man for more than 26 years now. The three kiddos keep us hopping. Oh, then let’s add in the two cats, a hamster, and a good number of fish (both in tanks and a pond outside).

Was never really a reader….

Surprisingly, I was not even a big reader growing up. Sure, my father made sure I read during summer breaks. I love the library itself. But reading was always a chore in my opinion. I have dyslexia which makes reading a bit more work for me. However, I have found for the right book, I am can be so engrossed with it that I will get lost in the story and do not even realize the work associated with it. It has changed my view of reading for personal enjoyment.


Coffee has become a large part of my life. 3 Kiddos, remember! I have always been a coffee drinker, I used to sneak sips of my mother’s ice coffee growing up. To this day, I still prefer iced coffee over hot. I know that is a controversial factor for many people. Hey, who am I to judge?

I find that I tend to consume way more in the last year or so. As I have dove headfirst into reading, I have found that I tend to stay up a little later to get “just one more chapter” in before I forced myself to bed (ok, ok, maybe two chapters).

Given my love of coffee as well as books, you may notice a few coffee-related reviews here or there. Of course, you can always buy me a coffee as well.

More hobbies…

Gardening: By gardening, I really mean: Extreme Vegetable Gardening. I work to see how many pounds of fruits and veggies I can produce from my garden and fruit trees.

Kitchen: cooking, baking, and canning.   (Last year I made 10 gallons of apple sauce!!)

Spending time with the kiddos: playing, doing “science experiments”, and mini-adventures.


I know what you are saying…hmmm, he is not really telling us a lot about himself. Oh, you caught that, did you? You are right. One of the other larger aspects of our life is that we are foster and adoptive parents. We have for several years helped children in need of a safe, loving home. We have helped 25 children over the years. Most of our children have moved on to return to their parents, other family members, or safer places. It is a thankless job but makes us feel fulfilled. However, there is usually someone in the mix that will inevitably blame the foster parents for their circumstances. Again, we don’t judge, we were always there for the children to help them through their journey. With all that said: we tend to keep a lower profile for the children’s sake.

The books…

I tilt towards a pretty small niche of a sub-category of books: Queer Romance / Gay Romance. Notice I said tilt. I will review different topics and themes, but generally, I will tilt that direction.

Other favorites are paranormal, young adult, urban fantasy and any type of shifter books (werewolves, dragons, fairies, mermaids/mermen, etc.)

I am not into horror or gore books at all…. I am not even into horror movies.

Welcome (again) and join me on my journey…

Welcome to my blog and welcome to my adventure. It is a hobby that I want to share with others. I am glad you found me and look forward to hearing from you as this site starts to move forward!!

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