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A Ferry of Bones & Gold by Hailey Turner – Book Review

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A Ferry of Bones & Gold

Series:  Soulbound Book #1
By Hailey Turner
Read:  January 2020

Initial Thoughts

I was hooked starting with the first chapter and downright obsessed long before I even finished the book. A Ferry of Bones & Gold by Hailey Turner delivers what you want in a book: a good story, awesome characters, and real-life chaos.

Hailey Turner nailed the first book of the SoulBound series!   Each of the characters has depth to them with clear personal histories that you catch glimpses into.  Real-world locations with the added facets of fantasy that bring the story and scenes alive in your mind.

 The Story Line

Patrick Collins is a combat mage veteran of war.  During this war, he sustained an injury to his soul which impacts his magical abilities today, albeit few would know this fact.  Today, he works for an intelligence division of the Department of Defense where he is called in on a case while leaving for a vacation.  Patrick ends up in New York with a case involving demon lead sacrifices. But these look all too familiar to Patrick from his past and childhood…

The Gods just keep messing with his life.  Patrick owes a soul debt to one stemming from his childhood, so the gods do what they want with him, to Patrick’s dismay and frustration.  He seeks insight from the local seer, Marak, whose visions from one of the Norse Fates.  This act pulls Patrick into working closely with the werewolf pack that protects Marak.

Jono, who is a lone exiled werewolf, is an adopted member of this pack. He was persuaded to come to New York by Marak because of one of his visions.   Patrick and Jono were immediately attracted to each other from their first meeting.  Thou Patrick was immediately forthcoming about it and Jono attempted to play it cool.

Quote from Jono, A Ferry of Bones & Gold

That was until it was clear they would be partnered up together for this mission through manipulation by the Gods.  Despite Patrick not being used to having a partner, attractions do build between the two.

Now also throw into the mix: dirty agents, vampires, the local police, as well as his boss and the politics associated. Not to mention as the demons, Dominion Sect, and some vengeful Gods that wreak havoc and cause an all-out battle royale.  Clearly, Patrick and Jono will need to rely on each other and their growing bond to save themselves and all of humanity.

What Did I love

A Ferry of Bones & Gold by Hailey TurnerThe author, Hailey Turner, did a great job building a set of complex characters for this series.  She built in childhood horrors, past events that shaped them, and personalities into all of them.  Often you read books in this genre that gives a bit of a superficial persona.  That is not the case for this book!  Even outside the two main characters, Turner builds the foundation for all of them to become the main characters in future books of the series.

I classify this as Urban Fantasy, it takes place in a setting known to all of us, New York City, but adds the elements that make it their own.  Interjecting the elements of fantasy such as The Gods, spells, wards, supernatural creatures, demons, territorial rights.  Given it takes place somewhere we know, it is easy to picture the elements like the traffic, buildings, apartments, parks with minimal description.  But then, she adds those additional elements in grander detail that make me feel like you can really see it.

The other aspect I loved was the use of the Gods.  While I have always enjoyed Greek Mythology since I was a little boy, she brings them into the modern world.  However, she takes it even further!!   There are multiple pantheons that are separate but intertwined.  In this book, there were gods from the Norse, Greek, and even the Vampire mythology realms.  Turner clearly did her research on each of them

What did I not care for

The only thing that tripped me up in the books was there were a lot of acronyms.  I totally get it, we live in a world of agency acronyms and she kept them in her world as well.  But, when I would read them, I would have to stop for a quick moment to remember which agency she was referring to.  Now, honestly, it did not take away from any of the action or story.


Why I recommend the book

Would I ever recommend this book?  ABSOLUTELY!!

Just as in life, this book has a lot of things that are happening at once.  That is what allowed me to get lost sucked into the pages.  It added to the realness vs being overwhelming.  It kept me engaged throughout the entire book.

This is an HFN ending, but clearly paved the way for lots of storylines to mature later in the series.

About the author: Hailey Turner

Hailey Turner has written and published 14 books.  Including 4 for the SoulBound series.   There is a 5th book of the series that is on the release schedule as TBD.  Additionally, she has the MetaHuman Files series that is also a favorite among her fans.

Just as with me, she also holds a demanding “day job”, but writing is her passion.  In addition to her website, she also has an active Facebook presence, as well as a private Facebook Group called Hailey’s Hellions.

Check Hailey out here:

Final Thought

This is a book that has been out since late 2018.  I had only recently discovered it, despite it being #1 Bestseller in LGBT fantasy for a period.   Hailey published two more books of the series in 2019, and in 2020 the fourth just released and the fifth is scheduled for this year as well.  DON’T WORRY…I will get more reviews posted on these.   Personally, I am excited to dive further into this world she has created.

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